Used Tree Climbing Gear

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Used tree climbing gear can be just as good, and just as safe as new equipment. Most citizen who work in the tree care and discharge commerce take good care of their tool because their protection depends on it. Tree climbing tool is expensive, and workers do not want to have to replace it any earlier than necessary.

Inspection is the key to protection and functionality. Even after purchasing new gear your tool should be inspected on a regular basis. If you do not know all the procedures for considering equipment, have an experienced tree laborer accompany you when on a buying trip.

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Some used leather gear will actually feel best than new, because it has been broken in. New tool will cost a lot more and is not necessarily better. The life of tool used for tree climbing is quite long if the owner follows the procedures for allowable care and storage.

Used Tree Climbing Gear

Leather that has been cleaned and treated with one of the many products on today's shop will remain in as good as new condition. Metal will last for years when handled carefully. A close inspection will show if tool has been put away wet and allowed to rust and mildew.

Check for hairline cracks in metal catches and protection rings. Ropes should not smell like mold or mildew. Modern protection straps have a colored line that will start to show when they are worn past a certain point. Frayed edges and missing stitches are also a warning sign.

Used Tree Climbing Gear
2006-08-08 08:56:20 by five_ten

I love that argument

That if you are frugal then you must be living a horrible, boring life that you will regret when you die.
it's so untrue. the key is to discover things you enjoy that are cheap/free.
My major hobbies: rock climbing, sailing, hiking and camping. love em. climbing cost me about $100 in gear and now is free or just a couple bucks for gas as long as i climb outside. sailing, i have a $ I love for about $20. I went beach camping a few weeks ago with friends. we ate like kings (fresh shrimp, marinated tuna stakes, t-bone steaks) and had plenty of booze and it cost $30 for everything including gas. it is also more healthy than boozing in a bar.
when I am old, which do you think I will remember? the weekend at the beach with my friends or a night at a bar getting shitty?

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